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Once Upon A Time…

Hi – I am Robert Bruce Anderson.

From a really young age, I was unable to play without wanting to add color to everything, dream about changing it and constantly talking about what the amazing possibilities were.

Schooling was hard because with everything I was taught I would start to conceptualize the possible variations of that topic or thought and wonder what it would look like covered in glue, or string, or paint, turned into steam or wrapped around a balloon. Or whatever.

The wonder of that thought, the whatever never left me and to this day you have to keep checking that I am still listening to you and have not gone off down a rabbit hole in my head chasing a deep thought about endless variations and possibilities.

I freaking love it and do not really care if my feet leave the ground or not. To be honest, most of the time I do not even really care if people get what I am thinking about or doing at any given time too.

I know that I am a little different.

I quite like it. It feels nice.





Ja, whatever, Rob – Get to the point of this website…

Ah, Um OK, so, a long time ago I discovered the joy of making stuff and selling it on the flea markets and craft markets. Not just any stuff (OK, so I did make some normal things so that I could eat) but things I could make and then show it to people that might or might like to own one.

I was in my element. Fun, Fun, Fun.

And I found an amazing new family of artists, entrepreneurs, misfits, nutcases, and geniuses.

I fitted right in.

When on those country markets or craft markets I could shed my “normal” and be more me, more (ab)normal and relaxed – one of those crafters and weirdoes you see on the markets. Carnies.

Yeah! My family away from my family.

Sadly, times changed, politics changed, markets died and the old-school country markets have almost died out completely.






I moved on to doing art, designing websites and doing online marketing.

It was fun to explore the digital version of pushing the design envelope in a manner of speaking and was really rewarding at times.

However, my need to design physical things kept creeping up on me and recently I decided to start designing a range of products and selling them online.

But, Um, as usual, I didn’t want a common-or-garden e-commerce website at all.

But I did need it to work, be found online etc and yet still be original and unique.

Something like those old-school country markets and craft markets.

So, here we are – HI! – and I have been collecting some of my old friends and some new ones – we are all going to build and grow this site into what we hope is a fun, casual, beautiful craft styled Boere Country market – but online.



So What is with the title – StoepBoer?


Ah, I love that name, I love the feeling or the thought of being a stoepboer.

Let me explain how this came about and why I am sure that I am a descendant of that very first stoepboer from way back in the mists of time…

For about 10 years I made hammocks and hammock chairs and other comfy things all designed to make people comfortable and happy.

The most popular selling one was the padded hammock chair that looked like the one in this image.

This was a chair so perfectly suited to the dreamer-Rob that it was a combination that was destined to be a “thinking chair” – you know where you are so comfortable that you seem to find more time to plan your business ideas than to actually get up and go and do them.

Then, if you add that to the perfect place to hang the hammock chair – on the stoep (veranda for those not from South Africa) and it can be your farm or your country cottage, but on the stoep is required.

I think that by now you can see where I am going with this.

A Boer is a Farmer, so a stoepboer is the most intelligent type of farmer I can imagine.

A stoepboer is what I always strive to be.

You know, Like when I grow up I want to be a StoepBoer. Perfect.

But there is a problem, and you know what it is. Shouting at your staff from your hammock chair (your stoepboer headquarters) is never actually going to work, is it?


The actual reality of StoepBoer is this…


I created this website to have a vehicle to sell my artwork, my designs and more to you (the unsuspecting public) and know that I needed a ton of help.

Yes, because it is true, I do still gravitate to a chair and “think” more than work 🙂

Therefore this website is for two types of people.

One – Those old carnies and new carnies I meet, designers who would love to showcase their products to the world on a relaxed and crafter styled website thing.

Two – This is also then for those art-and-craft loving people who love to buy original hand-made products from deserving crafters and artists to make their lives happier.

Cool all around huh?

Now, stop wasting time here and go and explore the site – if you are a crafter or an artist, take a bit of time to find out how you can add your stuff to this website. Ja, not right now, if you are sitting comfy LOL – but make a note and do it. You won’t be sorry.


Free your dreams – Let it fly!


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